One of the most popular ways to make coffee is by using a coffee maker. This kitchen appliance works automatically so you do not have to do so much to enjoy a cup of hot coffee to start your day with. However, you need to learn how to use french press, if it is the taste and flavor that you are after. As convenient and quick as a coffee maker is, you cannot expect quality beverage out of it—which is something that a coffee die-hard fan is after with every cup he/she takes. With a French press, water and coffee grounds mix together quite evenly. As a result, the final product tastes piquant, thicker in texture, and stronger in effects. With a coffee maker, the essential oils within the coffee grounds would get filtered out, which will result in a blander-tasting cup of coffee.

how to use french press

Some Tips on How to Use French Press Coffee

Before you learn to use french press, though, there are some tips you need to know about.

  • For iced coffee, after brewing coffee grounds inside the French press, store it in the fridge. The resulting product would taste sweeter and cleaner as the essential oils within the coffee would not be broken down due to heat.
  • Between uses, the French press needs to be cleaned. The filter should be taken out once you are done pouring the coffee into your cup.
  • Overfilling the French press and pressing the filter too fast would result in overflow. In some French press has this line printed on the surface to indicate where the water should end.

Preparing Tools and Some Things

The first thing to do in learning use french press is collecting your supplies correctly.

  • Choose the coffee beans
    There are so many varieties of coffee beans out there either at a supermarket or at a coffee shop. This could lead to you being confused. To help you out, you can learn a few things about coffee bean criteria:
  • Lightly roasted coffee beans have the highest caffeine levels. Darker ones are not high in caffeine levels in fact, the darker the beans, the lowest the levels are. Dark roast beans were in contact with heat for a longer time. This burned out the caffeine.
  • Dark roast beans have a fuller flavor that is deep. Light ones are less bitter with an underlying sweetness. If this would be your first time tasting coffee, the lighter ones would be the best for you.
  • Grind the coffee beans coarsely. Fine grounds are perfect for drip pots or espresso. For a French press, you need the grounds to be a little bit more like sand.
  • Fresh beans are imperative. Stale beans do not taste good. The trick here is to buy the beans in an amount that is sufficient for two-week use. Do not grind the beans way before you want to use them. Only grind the beans exactly when you want to use them.
  • Prepare the French press
    Another name for this appliance is cafetiere.
  • Use a good grinder
    Recommended type you can use is a conical burr grinder. The grinder would be used to break the coffee beans and bring out their flavor.
  • Other supplies
    These include hot water, a mug, and a kettle or an electric heater. Also, you can have your coffee with other elements such as chocolate, caramel, honey, or sugar. Otherwise, go plain and enjoy your coffee for its deep flavor.

Steps of Use French Press

how to use french press

These are the steps of using french press:

  1. Preheat your French press
    Running warm water through the French press will stop the pot from breaking down or cracking. See, the press you use was at room temperature prior to use. When you pour hot, boiling water into the pot, it may undergo temperature shock, which causes it to crack. Just run the warm water until the pot feels warm to the touch.
  2. Start grinding
    One cup of coffee normally takes up to one heaping tablespoon of beans. Add beans according to the amount of cups you want to make.
    While grinding, you can bring the water to a boil. You can use a kettle over a stove or an electric one. A temperature of 195-200 F should be enough for your French press.
  3. Pour the coffee grounds
    Place the coarsely ground coffee beans into the press. Your French press comes with a lid with a plunger attached to it. Take this lid off and place your coffee grounds into the pot.
  4. Pour water
    First, position a filter over the coffee grounds at the bottom of the pot. Add water in the pot. Each cup of coffee requires a cup of boiling water.
  5. Wait
    Place the lid back on the pot but do not press the plunger down yet. Let the coffee grounds mingle with the hot water to better bring out the flavor. Leave everything this way for at least 3 or 4 minutes to allow the grounds disperse their flavor all over the water.
  6. Finish
    After the required steeping to me has passed, you can press the plunger down. This will force the grounds to separate from the water, creating pressed sediment at the bottom of the pot. When pressing, make sure you do it slowly and steadily. Hastily pressing down the plunger down will result in the coffee over-pouring, ruining everything in the process. Pour your coffee into the cup and enjoy your beverage.

Some warnings to pay attention when you learn how to use French press are:

  • Leaving the coffee grounds to settle after pouring boiling water is necessary. Not only will this give time for the flavor to best disperse but it will cause the grounds to gather at the bottom of the pot. As a result, you will not have a cup of coffee that is riddled with sediment.
  • Do not press down the plunger too quickly or overfill the press. Both will cause the liquid to overflow. You might get hurt from the scalding hot water and you cannot enjoy your coffee afterward.

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