Spare time and the day off is needed for you who are hard workers, and when the time you have your day off, you need to maximize it wisely, you can take a rest and do some relaxing activities such as listening to music and watching your favorites movies which accompanied by a cup of coffee. There are much ways and methods that you can do to make a cup of coffee, but the most method that people use to make a cup of coffee is French press, how to use it is very simple and easy, that is why much of people are choosing this method. But, the question is, what is the best coffee for French press? Read it further to know about it better.

The best coffee for french press

If you are interested in maximizing your spare time with put a coffee in your day off agenda, it is very good; it surely will be a mood booster for your day off. But, if you have such a question like what is the best coffee for French press that the answer is every kind of coffee beans is very good for French press, what makes it different just the type of the coffee bean and how much the setting in the grinder. If you are choosing to enjoy the coffee with the French press, it must a brewing coffee method, so that whatever the kinds of coffee bean that you have chosen, the grinder setting will be 2.5 which the water levels range would be 300 ml for hot and 200 ml if you want to make an iced coffee.

best coffee for french press
best coffee grind for french press

After knowing and understanding about the best coffee for French press, now is the time to know further about the best coffee grind for French press is Solis Scala 166, the quality of Solis Scala grinder coffee is more promising, because the grinder product is well-known for coffee lovers, no doubt anymore about the grinder, it is already being the best coffee grinder since 1908. The grinder is equipped by conical burr, which makes the coffee bean into a perfect powder before you go to brew it in a French press. Now is the time for you to choose the type of the coffee bean that you want to enjoy your day off, the method and how to make the best coffee is already discussed, Have a nice day!!