When you want to drink a cup of coffee, do you ever think about the process of making the coffee? Most of the people do not ever think about it. They just enjoy what they have right now. Making coffee is not as easy as you think. It needs a special machine to make a delicious coffee. The process is also not easy. It requires great effort to make it done. Do you know what kind of machine that is used to make coffee? One of the most useful machines is the french press. Do you know about the machine? Do you know how to use it? Since it is one of the most popular coffee machines, you need to know about Bodum French Press Instructions.

bodum french press instructions
Bodum French Press Instructions

  1. You should put the machine in the dry place. You should remember that you need to handle it gently. After that, you can just pull the plunger in the pot.
  2. The thing that you need to remember is that if you have 4 oz cup, you can add 1 rounded tablespoon. Or if you want, you can add 1 Bodum scoop. You should remember that you can only use the coarse ground coffee. The good grind will be able to clog the filter. It will also create the high pressure.
  3. After that, you can pour the hot water into the pot. You should know that you cannot give the boiling water to the pot. Leave around 1 inch of space at the top. Then, stir the brew using the plastic spoon. You cannot use the metal spoon because it will scratch the glass.
  4. Then, place the plunger at the top of the pot. You can turn the lid in order to close the opening. You should not press it down. Wait around 4 minutes.
  5. You can hold the pot with the spout. You can use the weight of the hand. You should lower the plunger.
  6. Turn lid in order to open the spout. Then, pour the coffee.
  7. You should unscrew the filter and do not forget to clean the plunger.

Scald Hazard and Safety Instruction from Bodum French Press Instructions

  • Turn the lid to close the spout
  • Use the coarse ground coffee
  • Do not plunge too fast
  • You cannot excessively force
  • You need to check again the glass beaker to avoid the cracks, scratches, or even chips. Do not ever using the broken pot.
  • You should keep the children away.
  • It is not addressed to the top use.
    Learn important things from Bodum French Press Instructions.