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What is French Press Coffee? The Ultimate Answer for A Good Cup of Coffee at Home

Coffee is the ultimate beverage and here are some information to answer the question of what is French press coffee. Making a good coffee is essential for us. We drink coffee early in the morning to start a good day and late at night when we need to stay awake for our night shift at work. […]

French Press vs Drip, Which One is Better ?

Coffee is the best friend and it always can be a best friend for us while enjoying the spare time and also while doing our homework or work at the office. By consuming coffee, it can be our own mood booster to make us more focus and feel no sleepy. For you who are often […]

The Most Fascinating Coffee Beans Storage

Nowadays much of coffee lovers are seeking for the best method to make a cup of coffee, not only that, they also search for the best grinder and how to make the best coffee presentation. But, they forget how to keep the coffee bean or coffee powder to be still fresh. For you who want […]

Learning How to Use French Press for Tea In Right Way

How to use french press for tea? Maybe that’s your first question when someone says that french press can be used for making tea. Commonly, french press is only known to make coffee and becoming something essential to brew and give a perfect taste of coffee. But unfortunately, most people don’t know that it can […]

Why You Should Buy Mini French Press If You Are A Coffee Beginner

Mini french press can be a great choice if you can’t get a large size. But most often people ask about the risks of getting this mini version when actually there are benefits of buying it. On this article, we will give you reasons why you should buy french press in a mini version and […]

Tips and Considerations Before You Buy Large French Press

Large french press can be your best consideration to get if you want more easiness when making a coffee. Usually, for a coffee lover who doesn’t get enough of a cup of coffee every day, making a coffee on their own is a fun thing to do. But there are some things you should handle […]

Coffee Grounds per Cup: Preparations and Process

Essentially, coffee is kind of personal. What does it mean? It means that the way to make the coffee is how you like the coffee itself. So, for you who are coffee lovers, perhaps some of you think that it is better to make your own coffee because you can make it like your preference. […]

Coffee French Press Instructions Tips

Basically, there are so many ways for people to find the coffee. There are so many types of the coffee. But when we have tried all kind of coffee, you will find that the most important part is that you drink the coffee while it is hot. Based on the study, by drinking coffee, the […]

Detail Information on Bodum French Press Instructions

When you want to drink a cup of coffee, do you ever think about the process of making the coffee? Most of the people do not ever think about it. They just enjoy what they have right now. Making coffee is not as easy as you think. It needs a special machine to make a […]

How to make French Roast Coffee in A Simple Way

How to make French roast coffee? There are so many ways to do that. French toast coffee is the easiest way of making coffee but it needs effort to create delicious coffee. The equipment you will need to make it are simple. You will not need a long time to make it. What you need […]