Nowadays much of coffee lovers are seeking for the best method to make a cup of coffee, not only that, they also search for the best grinder and how to make the best coffee presentation. But, they forget how to keep the coffee bean or coffee powder to be still fresh. For you who want to maintain the freshness of your coffee bean that you have been purchased at some particular stores and you bought it a lot. So that, you need to keep it fresh to avoid it becomes stale. The answer and the way out of this matter are you must have coffee beans storage. There are various kinds of coffee beans storage that suits yourself from its quality, its advantages, and suit yourself in pressing your budget.

coffee beans storage

The  best way to put coffee beans in storage

First of all, if you are really interested in purchasing these coffee beans storages, you also need to know the best way to put coffee beans in storage. The key to putting the coffee beans in storage in the best and right way is very easy and simple; the only thing that you have to do Is just store the storage of yours in a shady and cool place. Pantries or cupboards can be the right place for the coffee beans storage. Then, there are something that you need to be avoided such as air, heat, light, and moisture. You can also put it in the freezer, the refrigerator is the best way that you can do as long as you avoid those 4 things.

Top 5 coffee beans storage

When the time you have known perfectly about the way to put the coffee beans in the storage, now move aside about coffee beans storage, now is the time for you to decide what kinds of coffee beans storage that is perfect and suitable for you. Here are the top 5 coffee beans storages that may you love. The first one is planetary designs airscape, it has much of capacity that is able contains a lot of coffee beans, the capacity is about 64 fl oz. Then, there is also tightvac coffee vac, it has 1lb for the coffee beans capacity. The third one is also good for you, it named beansafe container, with the colorful design, it makes the look of the storage body to be more amazing and fascinating. It has the dishwasher safe system. After that, Friis coffe vault, the capacity of the storage is about 16 and 12 oz. The last one is Lovffee Coffee Canister, the capacity of this storage is 1 lb and has dishwasher safe system.