Have you ever thought to have a day in the day which is very relaxing with have no tasks or something else like that?  the only thing that you do is relaxing with a cup of coffee. If you have a desire in such a situation, you can have it by utilizing your day off or your weekend. you can sit with relaxing while listening to music and be completed your relaxing day with a cup of coffee, what a perfect day! In order to have a good coffee, you also need to concern about a coffee brewing temperature, concerning about it to achieve the taste of perfection in enjoying the coffee.

coffee brewing temperature
Ideal coffee brewing temperature

First of all, if you want to make a perfect day in your day off with a cup of coffee, the key is located in the coffee which is able to make you feel relax and enjoy , so that it is good for you to know what is the ideal coffee brewing temperature. According to the coffee national association, the best temperature for brewing the coffee is at 195 degrees F. Some people usually use a temperature under the 90 degree while they use a manual brew in making the coffee. In making the coffee is back again to your own taste, but the most important thing that it will never get more than 96 degrees C to make a cup of coffee.
Water temperature coffee brewing
When the time you have known better about the ideal coffee brewing temperature, you also have to learn about the water temperature coffee brewing. If you want to have the more accurate in determining the water temperature in making a cup of coffee, you need a thermometer. If you want the tool which is specially made to control the water temperature while making a coffee, it is very good, because invest a tool of coffee is better to get the more accurate water levels range, so that you can choose and learn about the coffee brewing temperature starting from its levels range and the tool to measure the water. The last thing that you can do after having a good coffee on a good day, you can enjoy your perfect coffee while listening to jazz music or some particular music about coffee that is often to be played in a coffee shop, by listening to those kinds of music, it will increase your taste in enjoying your day.