Basically, there are so many ways for people to find the coffee. There are so many types of the coffee. But when we have tried all kind of coffee, you will find that the most important part is that you drink the coffee while it is hot. Based on the study, by drinking coffee, the people tend to tell me about everything. You can try to make your coffee by your own self. One of the most popular machine that can be used in making a coffee is the french press. It is one of the easiest method used in making coffee. It is also not really expensive. then, you need to know about Coffee French Press Instructions.

coffee french press instructions

Coffee French Press Instructions

Firstly, you need to prepare the ingredients such as the cold water and the roasted coffee beans. You also need to prepare the equipments such as the electronic kettle, the long spoon, the burr grinder, the thermometer, and also french press.
After you know the ingredients and the equipments, you can follow the instructions:

  1. You should measure the coffee beans. The key of measuring is ½ cup.
  2. You should grind the coffee beans. You can grind the coffee bean using the burr grinder. How if you do not have burr grinder? You just need to prepare the sharp pulses and grinder. You should remember that the coffee should be coarse and rough. After you have finished grinding it, you can pour the coffee in the french press.
  3. You can heat the water. Do not pour the boiling water. You should wait around 1 minute. Take 4 cups of water to the french press. You can heat the water in the electric kettle
  4. Add a little amount of the water
  5. You should stir the brew vigorously. The motion is up and down.
  6. After that, you should steep it for around 4minutes. It aims to produce the robust brew. You should be careful in doing it because it can affect the taste.
  7. You should plunger the press. After you have finished, you should drink it immediately.


Coffee French Press Instructions Tips

You should warm the french press before you use it. After it is used, you should clean it because if you do not clean it, it will affect the coffee. You can also clean it using hot water. You can also use the carafe. After you have made the coffee, but you do not have enough time to finish drinking, you cannot leave it in the french press.
You need to follow Coffee French Press Instructions.