Have you ever heard about cold brew coffee French press? This is the unique method how to make a cup of coffee. First of all, you must notice and aware that if you want to make a cup of coffee, you will need a hot water, but this time is totally different, because the water that we need is a cold one, this is what makes this cold brew is unique and special. No matter what kinds of coffee that you are going to grind and brew, but this method will give the best shot on the taste by making it up by using cold water. If you are interested in learning how to make a cold brew coffee by using a French press, let’s read it further.

cold brew coffee french press

How To Make cold brew coffee french press

At first, for people who are seeking how to make cold brew coffee French press, they must have tasted much of methods to make a coffee. So here we go the answer of your desire, enjoy the coffee. First of all, to make an easy cold brew coffee, suit the all measurements of all the elements according to your own taste. For example, you can take 50 grams of coffee beans and water for about 550 ml. Then, after you grind your coffee bean, pour the coffee powder into the French press along with the water. The colder the water, the longer the time that will be taken, that is why you need to have a little extra effort and patient. After that, wait for about 12 hours in the stable temperature, you can put it on your dinner table, after 12 hours, put it on the refrigerator for about 12 hours. Then, press the French press and enjoy the coffee.

cold brew coffee french press ratio

Here we are in the last paragraph, after knowing better about the cold brew coffee French press, now is the time concern about the cold brew coffee French press ratio. The ratio of the coffee is actually you are the one who decide how much the measurement of the coffee and the water that you are going to make. For example, if you want to just make a one single cup of coffee, so that the ratio of the coffee just need a 6 grams or 2 tablespoon 1 coffee, and the water is about 200ml. do not forget to take a cold water temperature. The best cold brew coffee is more than 8 hours. Enjoy your coffee!