There are so many types of coffee nowadays. what kind of coffee that becomes your favorite one? Is it cappuccino, espresso, or americano? There is no right or wrong in choosing the favorite coffee. However, have you ever heard about the french coffee? This kind of coffee is heavy and dense. This coffee has the elegance. There are so many ways in making a delicious coffee. However, most of the people just want to know that they can get the delicious and hot coffee. French press coffee is one of the easiest coffee to make and less expensive when you want to make it. If you want to make the french press coffee by yourself, you need to know the french press recipe.
French Press Coffee
If you want to make a delicious french press coffee, you need to know about the basic information about the french press coffee and also the french press recipe. One of the most important information is the ratio of the coffee and the water when you want to use the french press. Take an example if you want to serve the french press coffee for 4 people, you should prepare 32 ounces coffee beans. However, sometimes people are confused when they want to serve more or sometimes less. You just need to learn to measure the proportions by using the volume. When you want to serve 1 cup of coffee, you just need to give 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of the coffee beans. If you want to serve 2 cups, you just need to prepare 2 cups of water and ΒΌ cup of the coffee beans. If you want to serve 8 cups of french press coffee, you can prepare 8 cups water and a cup of coffee bean.

French press recipe
French Press Recipe

When you want to make a cup of french press coffee, you need to read the french press recipe. Then, you can start to prepare the ingredients and the equipment such as cold water and the coffee beans as the ingredients, kettle, long spoon, burr grinder, and french press.
The steps in making the french press coffee are measuring the coffee beans, grinding the coffee beans (you can grind the beans using the grinder), then you need to heat the water for the coffee, pour the water, stir it, just wait for around 4 minutes.
Making french press is not difficult if you have french press recipe.