Coffee is the best friend and it always can be a best friend for us while enjoying the spare time and also while doing our homework or work at the office. By consuming coffee, it can be our own mood booster to make us more focus and feel no sleepy. For you who are often in enjoying coffee every day, you will familiar with various kinds of methods to make a cup of coffee. For instance, there are French press and drip method. If you are thinking about French press vs drip and ask about which one is better that each method has their own benefits and their own risk that should be considered. The difference in general between those methods that French press is easier to be used instead of drip method, but there are different tastes from each method depends on your taste.

french press vs drip
French Press vs Drip Coffee Maker

First of all, let’s discuss the French press vs drip coffee maker and what the more significant differences between these methods are. First, if you are choosing a French press as a way to enjoy your coffee, you will have more advantages such as the friendly uses, you can have a coffee according to your own taste, because all of the measurement is controlled by yourself, and no need much time to make a cup of coffee by using this French press method. Aside from that, if you choose drip method to make a coffee, you need to be more patient, because to make a coffee by using this method needs a little extra time and effort, the usage of water needs a more accurate measurement, but it has its own characteristic taste that is so fine.

French Press vs Drip Coffee Health

In the last paragraph here, we are going to discuss further the French press vs drip coffee health. Actually, French press has its own benefits such as decreasing the consuming of caffeine, because the coffee grounds of the coffee is left behind in the French press bottle after brewing for several minutes, this matter which makes the caffeine is much more released perfectly in brewing. The drip method is also good for your health, because it leaves behind the coffee grounds; the drip method has its own filter to strain the grounds. So that, both of them are good to be consumed, but you also need to know the portion of consuming coffee, do not consume it too much.