For most of the coffee lovers, the coffee maker is one of the important things that they need to have. Have you ever heard about French Press? It is the popular machine to make a coffee in Australia and Europe. Some people often call this machine as the press-pot, plunger pot, and also coffee press. This machine is very popular because it uses the cylinder glass. French press coffee is able to separate the water and the grounds. The most important thing that you need to know is that this machine is only used to make the fresh coffee. You should drink it immediately. Furthermore, you really need to know about how to brew french press coffee.


Things that You Need to Prepare
When you want to learn on how to brew french press coffee, you need to know about the ingredients and the equipment in making the coffee. The main thing that you really need to have is the french press. Then, you should also prepare the measuring spoon or the coffee scoop. Then, you also need to have the thing to heat the water or boil the water. You can use the electric kettle. Last but not least, you really need to prepare the coffee beans which have the good quality.

how to brew french press coffee
Guide on how to brew french press coffee

  • The first thing that you need to do is heating the coffee press. Perhaps you think the purpose or why you need to add water, you should know that it is good if you are using the warm water. You should remember that you cannot give the hot water because it will break the glass. You just need to use the warm water.
  • The second thing is grinding your coffee beans. This is one of the most important step. You should grind the coffee before you brew. The formula of making the delicious coffee is you need to grind the coffee beans into one tablespoon coffee. Or you can add more coffee. When you grind the coffee, you can prepare the hot water.
  • Third, you just need to put the coffee into a press. Just take off the French press’ lid. You can remove the filter after you have finished.
  • Next, you can add more water. After you have prepared the boiling water, you can pour it into the French press. You can add one cup of hot water to the coffee cup.

The steps on how to brew french press coffee are very easy to be applied.