How to make French roast coffee? There are so many ways to do that. French toast coffee is the easiest way of making coffee but it needs effort to create delicious coffee. The equipment you will need to make it are simple. You will not need a long time to make it. What you need are the ingredients, the equipment, and passion.

how to make french roast coffee
Let’s Make It
So here we are. You will need some equipment like burr grinder, French press, kettle, thermometer, and spoon.

  • Firstly, measure the coffee. You need to follow the rule of scaling between the coffee and the water. you can make it by your own or find the ration in the internet. A common ratio will be 1: 15, a gram of coffee means 15 grams of water, and so on.
  • The next thing to do is grinding the coffee bean. Grind beans of coffee in a burr grinder on the coarsest setting. Don’t let it too fine or too coarse. The finer you grind, the tasteless it will be. The coarser it is, the more sour and salty your coffee.
  • After grinding your coffee, boil the water. don’t put directly boiled water to your coffee. Cool it for a while (approximately 1 minute). The temperature of water for French press should be at particular level.
  • After cooling the water down, add the water to French press. Stir the brew vigorously. After that, steep the brew for 4 minutes.
  • The last is plunge the press. Press the plunger immediately after the timer goes off. Drink your coffee immediately. Don’t take too long time because the taste will be different. Leave the pot in the machine because it will keep brewing.

Things to note in How to make French roast coffee

To avoid over or under extraction, you need to pay attention to some aspects. Under extraction happen when your grounds are too coarse. The flavor of the ground coffee is not extracted out enough. Over extraction, in the other hand, happens when your ground is too fine. It happens because you extract too much coffee flavor. both over- and under- extraction is not good way of brewing coffee.
Making French roast coffee is an easy thing to do if you know the steps. Moreover, you also need to know do and don’t of brewing coffee. By knowing those things, the coffee you made will be delicious. Want to make great coffee? Know how to make French roast coffee first.