How to use french press for tea? Maybe that’s your first question when someone says that french press can be used for making tea. Commonly, french press is only known to make coffee and becoming something essential to brew and give a perfect taste of coffee. But unfortunately, most people don’t know that it can be used for any other drinks such as tea. So, if you want to use it in right way, read our explanations all about these things you need to know!

how to use french press for tea

Things You Need to Know Before Using French Press

  • There are things you need to know before using french press, especially for making tea. For example, a process of how you make it. You need to be selective when choosing water (make sure to use clean and natural water), how long you handle the brewing and filtering step and also temperature set. Although in the case of making tea, the process of making it is easier than when you brew a coffee. But still, you need to know each step to maximize the final taste.
  • Using French press also means protecting and always cleaning it. Because it is an essential tool to brew and filter your coffee or tea, the machine itself needs protection from dirt and other risks. Dirt on your french press can be something that affects the taste or process of brewing, so make sure to clean it first before using it.

How to Use French Press for Tea and How To Maximize Taste

Maybe you know how to brew your nice tea, but how to maximize the taste of it with french press? You can make nice tea without dregs with french press by following these steps:

  • Knowing water temperature set of every type of tea makings. There are differences. For example, if you want to make white tea, set the temperature on 80-85 Celsius. Or if you want to make herbal tea and black tea, enough to set on 100 Celsius. The temperature will affect how fresh the taste of your tea.
  • To make it fresher and give a different taste, try to add flavors like lemon drops or strawberry after brewing it in french press. It is a perfect tea for breakfast time!

Overall, if you want a good thing to brew your coffee or make a nice tea, french press is a perfect machine to help you get it all done. Both coffee or tea, it will taste great without losing its natural ingredients. We also hope by reading this article, you will feel happy to start how to use french press for tea!