What kind of coffee that you know? Most of the people just know certain types of coffee. The most popular coffee is a cappuccino. This kind of coffee is very popular because it tastes delicious and does not contain too much caffeine. However, have you ever heard about espresso? This is one of the most popular coffee for the coffee lovers. Do you know how to make it? If you do not want to buy in the coffee shop, you can try to make it by yourself. How to do that? You can make it using a french press. So, you really need to know the ways in making espresso with french press.
How to Make Espresso using French Press
If you really like coffee, especially espresso you must know that the process of making the coffee is quite difficult to do. If you want to enjoy a cup of espresso, you should go to the coffee shop. How if you are too tired to visit the shop but you still want to drink a cup of coffee? You can try making espresso with a french press. You can brew the espresso and still get the delicious taste. If you want to know the method in making delicious espresso by yourself, you can ground your coffee beans using the french press. You can also add the whipped cream or foam on the espresso. Later, you need to know about the way in making espresso with afrench press.

Making espresso with french press

Easy Ways in Making Espresso with French Press

  • The first step is preparing the tools and ingredients. The things that you need to have are the measuring spoon, hot water, french press, fresh ground coffee, stirring stick.
  • Second, you need to lift the filter from the pot. If you are using the french press, this machine will automatically separate the ground from the coffee. You also need to know that the plunger and filter are very useful in the french press. It will help you to produce the delicious coffee.
  • Third, you need to boil the water. You can use the kettle to prepare the hot water. While waiting for the boiling water, you can heat the glass in the french press.
  • Then, you should grind the coffee beans. This is the important factor which will determine the result of your coffee. You should be careful in choosing the right coffee beans, especially the espresso.

If you want to make espresso by your own, you can try the steps in making espresso with a french press.