Mini french press can be a great choice if you can’t get a large size. But most often people ask about the risks of getting this mini version when actually there are benefits of buying it. On this article, we will give you reasons why you should buy french press in a mini version and also tips how to use it as a beginner!

mini french press

Benefits of Why You Should Get Mini French Press

If you looking for benefits of why you should get french press in mini size, here are some of them:

  • If you are only a single person at your home who wants to make a coffee, then it means you will love french press in a mini version. French press mini can be used for a single small cup of coffee, very suitable for a single person who wants a simple dose of coffee only on their own. It is like a small treasure to brew your own perfect coffee.
  • Another benefit of getting french press mini is about the price. Yes, the price is cheaper than french press in any larger version, which is good for your budget-wise. It won’t hurt your money savings and you can still begin your coffee day without risks.
  • By getting french press mini, it is a good step if you want a coffee beginner. Usually, they feel difficult when using a coffee machine or something else in large version. But with mini version of something like french press, it can be a good introduction for yourself before becoming a coffee-maker expert.

How To Use Mini French Press For A Coffee Beginner

Actually, how to use french press in mini version is same just like when using french press in any other versions. But commonly, the features in french press mini is simpler and easy-to-use, so the owner will easy to follow steps of brewing a coffee. You can start by preparing coffee powder and also set the right temperature (usually in 91 to 96 Celsius). Now you can add coffee powder into the french press, expected about 10-gram coffee powder with 180 ml water. After that, you can brew it about 4 minutes before filtering it. Finally, get ready to pour it into your cup of coffee and enjoy it.

See? Easy to follow, right? Coffee expert or beginner, you can make it simple and great with french press, in mini or large version. So, what do you think? Ready to buy mini french press?