Coffee is the ultimate beverage and here are some information to answer the question of what is French press coffee. Making a good coffee is essential for us. We drink coffee early in the morning to start a good day and late at night when we need to stay awake for our night shift at work. But unfortunately, many of us choose to drink the instant coffee instead of freshly grounded coffee. It is understandable, because most of us do not know how to create a good cup of coffee from the fresh coffee grounds manually. Most of us think that we need fancy coffee machine to create such fine cup of coffee. This is not true, since there are some ways to make a good cup of coffee from freshly grounded coffee beans.


What is French Press Coffee Maker

There are several ways to make a good cup of coffee from the freshly grounded coffee beans. Among them, one of the most recommended one is by using the french press coffee maker. French press coffee maker is basically a device that helps us to create coffee juice easily, even at home. It is a device that contains two parts, which are the container and presser. The container is usually made from glass. The presser part of the device is usually created from series of filters.

what is french press coffee

How to Operate French Press Coffee Maker

To operate the device is so simple.

  • Firstly, you just have to put fresh grounded coffee in the container part. It has to be noted that the coffee grounds has to be big and not soft. It is important because if the coffee beans are grounded too much and too soft, the coffee grounds will pass the filter in the presser and messed up you coffee in the container.
  • After that, you have to put boiling water in the container that is filled with the coffee grounds.
  • After you wait the water and coffee grounds are mixed well, which will take about ten up to fifteen minutes, you have to put the presser and press it to the bottom of the container. This will separate the coffee juice and the coffee grounds, making your coffee strong and tasty without the disturbance from the grounds. It is important to be known that when you press the presser, you have to do it gently to maximized the filtering process of the presser.

At last, knowing how to operate the device is the last to know in answering the question of what is french press coffee.